Survey highlights chip in the supply chain

The survey addresses supply chain issues impacting the semiconductor and explores how the industry manages the flow of goods, services and information across the value web, including transactions with suppliers and customers. It also takes a look at the technology solutions and best practices being deployed throughout the semiconductor industry.

Survey participants include top executives from the world’s leading multinational semiconductor companies. 20% of the participating companies are fabless, 20% are foundries and 60% are Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDM). All product segments of the industry are represented, microprocessor revenue, standard cell revenue, gate array revenue, Static Random Access Memory revenue and Dynamic Random Access Memory revenue.

Olaf Pripp, European high-technology partner at PwC, said: “These mismatches are driving the need for faster information updates across the supply chain. There is an increasing emphasis on co-ordination and integrated planning with all enterprises that are part of a semiconductor’s supply chain.”

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