Tenon management admits to staff fears

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Andy Raynor and Neil Johnson assumed their positions in February following the resignation of founding CEO Ian Buckley and have since completely restructured the management of the AIM-listed plc.

A key driver for the pair was to change perceptions of the old guard, as they set about transforming the company.

In an exclusive interview with Accountancy Age, Johnson said: ‘It would be fair to say there was a suspicion of an ivory-tower management style in old Tenon. We were both committed to sweeping that away.’

Tenon now has a plc board, an operations board – composed of service-line heads – and a senior management group to provide advice and consultation.The new structure has been built to involve the former partners of firms acquired by Tenon, who found themselves outside the management loop once part of the company.

Both Johnson and Raynor believe the situation at Tenon is now much improved, the staff are happier and there is an awareness that a ‘sea change’ has taken place.

The more positive view of Tenon has carried through to investors and the market place too, according to Raynor.

‘The dynamics of this business are now better understood and we certainly have a better dialogue with our external shareholders,’ he said.

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