Thousands snitch on tax-evading mates

Almost 200,000 people have let HM Revenue & Customs know about friends,
family and colleagues who they think are evading tax.

According to The Times HMRC has received 155,000 phone calls, 12,083
letters and 17,952 emails since it established its confidential hotline a year

The taxman would not disclose how many of the tip-offs had led to
prosecutions or how much money had been recovered. A cost-and-benefit report is
to be published by the Treasury within the coming months.

‘The details of the call are processed, and if the risk and intelligence team
decides that we should proceed with intervention, they will gather information
from various places, such as company accounts, employer records, self-assessment
forms and tax credit information to support the allegation,’ an HMRC spokesman
said in a statement.

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