Deloitte buys into litigation firm

Financial Advisory Services LLP
(Deloitte FAS) has just purchased a stake in
Barrasso Consulting
, a firm specialising in planning and executing litigation discovery
programs. As part of the transaction, Barrasso will be fully integrated within
Deloitte FAS’ forensic and dispute services practice as a new service called
‘document review services’.

The purchase completes Deloitte FAS’ continuum of services it already offers
– from discovery, including all aspects of electronic discovery, to document
review, through complex forensic investigations and analyses, to final

Based in New Jersey, USA, Barrasso specialises in electronic and hard copy
data collection and document review, enabling companies to organise files and
respond more quickly and efficiently in the event of litigation.

About 80 Barrasso professionals will form the foundation of the new service,
including Diane Barrasso, Barrasso founder and president, who will join Deloitte
FAS as a principal and national service line leader of the document review
services team. Jean Weir, a senior Barrasso manager, will join as a director.

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