Free credit information on has partnered with Graydon UK to provide readers with free access to up-to-the-minute credit management information via our home page.

Readers can instantly read basic credit information on more than two million incorporated and two million non-incorporated UK businesses – as well as access more than 60 million international reports.

Searching the UK, European and world databases is free, but if a more detailed report is required, this can be paid for by credit card and emailed to the recipient. However, for first-time users of the service, the first report is free of charge.

Graydon, one of the big five credit check agencies, is owned by Europe’s leading credit insurance organisations Atadius and Coface & Euler Hermes, and was set-up in 1987.

Their high-quality credit risk management and database information is updated dynamically throughout the day, and they can provide credit scoring and other services for large companies and SMEs alike.

According to Graydon managing director, Martin Williams, ‘Graydon sells credit information because we’re firm believers in preventative medicine. That’s what we try to do: credit assess first, before you have a cash collection problem.

‘You can produce credit scores from probing balance sheets and profit and loss accounts alone, but we offer additional information that not only adds value but corroborates the information you see in balance sheets.’

Graydon’s full reports are long enough to be used for assessments and research, as well as analysis of suppliers, partners, potential clients and so on.

However, the basic information available free via the home page is an invaluable resource for all tiers of the profession.

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