Tory tax-cutting plans are ‘misguided’

Link: Health secretary slams Tory’s tax relief plans

He said talking about reducing the tax burden when the public services needed extra investment was misguided.

Bercow said there was ‘no political merit’ in Tories talking generally about being a lower tax government and he questioned their flagship promise to scrap tuition fees.

Bercow, who resigned from the frontbench in November last year, said there had been a much-justified perception that the Tories were rural, provincial and ‘somewhat prissy’.

Party leader, Ian Duncan Smith says it is his ‘absolute plan’ for a Tory government to cut taxes after the next election.

Bercow said Tories obviously preferred lower taxes. But he said: ‘I see no political merit whatsoever in generalised declarations of intentions to cut taxes which are not buttressed and vindicated by a clear of idea of how they are going to be financed.’

Taxation was also low on the public’s priorities, he said.

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