Miskin named in UK tax haven probe

Michael Miskin is among 300 wealthy Britons named in stolen bank documents
which were sold to the tax authorities by a whistleblower who worked at
LGT, one of
Liechtenstein’s biggest banks.

Miskin, who became a multi-millionaire in 1987 when he floated Waterglade
International, a property firm which specialised in building shopping arcades,
used a Liechtenstein account to hide assets from his wife during divorce
proceedings five years ago, LGT documents made public in a US Senate
Investigation show, according to The Times.

At one stage Miskin had $6m (£3m) in LGT bank accounts. The retired
businessman still owes his ex-wife a divorce settlement of £3m.

Miskin’s whereabouts are still unknown, but he reportedly continues to claim
British citizenship. Over the past 15 years he is said to have lived in
California and Mexico and, according to some sources, may be living in Costa

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