General practitioners split on ICAEW

The poll, carried out among delegates attending this year’s general practitioners conference in Warwick, revealed only 52% believed the institute represented the views of the general practitioner.

The survey, presented by Adrian Gibbons of accountancy support company SWAT, also revealed only one in three GPs had a seen a reduction in fees because of the new million-pound audit exemption limit.

SWAT’s ballot also highlighted little support for limited liability partnerships. Nine out of ten of those asked said they were not planning to become an LLP.

The survey also analysed the fee income, and other financial aspects of the delegates’ firms. Among attendees, sole practitioners were the most profitable, with net profit per partner of Pounds 91,000. Firms with ten or more partners were less successful, with an average profit per partner of Pounds 67,000.

Sole practitioners were seen to be the most bullish, expecting fees to grow by 20% over the next 12 months. These sentiments were echoed by John Malthouse, chairman of the institute’s practitioner panel. Opening the conference, he said fee growth had never been better.

Michael Groom, ICAEW president, is due to address the conference later today.


Small practitioners warned of bleak future

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