Deloitte to review Enron audit

The move comes as PwC, administrator of Enron in Europe, prepared to sack 1,100 workers in the UK, leaving a skeleton staff of 250 to help with the administration.

DTT, which has just completed a peer review of Andersen’s audit systems, wants to do more work on the audit issues raised by the collapse at Enron.

At the same time, the Securities & Exchange Commission has launched a similar investigation into Enron’s accounts, which will include the role of the auditor.

Andersen has faced questions on its objectivity after it was revealed the firm received $27m in non-audit fees last year.

The news will further dent the firm’s battered image in the US – earlier this year it paid $7m to settle an SEC allegation of fraud in its audit of Waste Management, the rubbish removal comapny.


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