Natwest Three in witness outcry

A stunning series of allegations have been levelled at RBS solicitors by the
lawyers representing the Natwest Three, the Natwest executives embroiled in the
Enron scandal.

According to the Sunday Times, it has been alleged that the law firm
acting for RBS, Natwest’s parent, had spoken on behalf of key witnesses who were
not even aware that they were being ‘represented’ by the RBS solicitors.

The staggering allegations were made by the lawyers for the Natwest Three,
David Bermingham, Giles Darby and Gary Mulgrew, in a motion filed in court. The
three executives are facing fraud charges in Houston because of their
involvement in the collapse of Enron.

The executives wanted people who worked with them to testify to the court via
a video link from the UK. Lawyers for the three wrote to 36 possible witnesses
back in January making the request, and sent the request via RBS solicitors
Travers Smith.

Travers Smith said it represented all the potential witnesses and that only
one was prepared to be contacted.

The Natwest Three hinted that RBS had pressured witnesses to decline the
invitation to testify, but have now gone a step further with the filing of a

The document says that some possible witnesses were unaware that they were
represented by Travers Smith and had never given permission to RBS lawyers to
represent them.

The motion, which is publicly available, provided no evidence that this was
the case. RBS and Travers Smith declined to comment to the Sunday

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