‘Secret’ tax unit baffles advisers

The taxman has discreetly set up a special unit to monitor the work of

A spokesman for HM Revenue & Customs confirmed this week that a unit had
been established, even though no formal announcement of the size or scope of the
unit has been made.

The spokesman played down the significance of the development,saying that the
unit was there to develop relationships.‘Tax advisers play a central role in
making the  tax system work.We want to give them a bigger opportunity than
they’ve had in the past to carry out that role.

‘We think there is more that advisers can do to help improve the operation of
the tax system – to promote filing, to work with us on beating carousel
fraud.Also we need advisers to tell us about their experiences of the system and
we need to tell them when we have concerns.The unit will give a focus to that
work,’ he said.

Some advisers have questioned how it will work.One suggested that a body like
the US Office of Professional Responsibility would require some legislation to
advisers more closely.

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