Andersen partners to face tribunal

Link: Three Wickes’ directors acquitted

Chris Dickson, executive counsel to the Joint Disciplinary Scheme, has completed his investigation into the saga, and as a result laid claims against Richard Simmons and David Whitmore.

Simmons faces complaints for his role in the audit of the consolidated accounts of Wickes for the years ending 1992, 1993, and 1994, while Whitmore’s role in the year end 1995 will also come under scrutiny.

The panel for the tribunal will be made up of a chairman – usually a practicing QC – and two chartered accountants, and will get under way as soon as possible. ‘It’s in everybody’s best interest to get on with it,’ said Dickson.

He went on to say the two accountants could face an unlimited fine and be excluded from the profession.

And in a flurry of activity the JDS also laid complaints against Bird Luckin and its partner, Alan Radford, for the audits of Queens Moat Houses Plc, for the years 1990 and 1991.

Dickson is also ‘in the midst of investigations’ into Ernst & Young’s role in the Equitable Life saga, with interviews currently being carried out with relevant partners at the Big Four firm.

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