Oracle face petition over Sun deal

Over 18,000 people have signed a petition, submitted to the EU, requesting
safeguards in the Oracle takeover of SunMicrosystems.

Oracle, one of the largest financial software providers, is to take over
SunMicrosystems – the owner of various computer languages used by Oracle rivals
to develop software. However the deal has yet to take place as the EU are
currently deliberating on whether this acquisition breaches anti-competitive

An online petition on the takeover has been gaining momentum as developers
and organisations urge the EU to protect a part of SunMicrosystems called MySQL.

The online petition to safeguard MySQL, a form of data management software,
was spearheaded by its creator Michael Widenius who passed the first 14,000
signatures to the EU, reported.

The acquisition will mean Oracle will control all rights to SunMicrosystem’s
programmes including MySQL and Java, the computer language used for mobile
devices such as blackberry and cell phones.

The petition states safeguards need to be put in place to allow vendors “to
compete effectively” using MySQL.

MySQL essentially allows servers to have multi-access to databases and is
used by developers as well as large organisations.

The Ministry of Justice in the US has already approved the deal with a
decision from the EU expected by the end of the month.

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