UK tops ‘bad trading’ league

Four thousand European businesses canvassed by the commission said the regulatory burden imposed on countries trying to sell goods and services in the UK was heavier than any of the other member states, with Italy and France, the next worst on the list.

In its report, the commission accused the UK of having ‘burdensome regulatory requirements and sometimes rigid enforcement.’

The news will deal yet another blow to the UK government which has, over the last year, been lambasted for the increasing amount of red-tape hampering business despite efforts to reduce the burden.

Last month a PKF SME Employers Survey found that red tape was ‘strangling’ small businesses.

The study found small business owners faced numerous difficulties in complying with regulations covering such things as remuneration, benefits and people management. Complying with these requirements were hindering their ability to grow their businesses.

And in September, the Confederation of British Industry, said the DTI spends too much of its time and effort on regulation and red tape and not enough effort championing the business message within government.


Red tape stranglehold on SMEs

UK business hindered by DTI

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