Wembley CEO faces three years in US jail

The former chief executive of gaming company Wembley, Nigel Potter, has been
sentenced to three years in a US jail.

The British accountant was sentenced on Friday after being found guilty in
August along with Daniel Bucci, former managing director of Lincoln Park
(Wembley’s US subsidiary) of conspiring to bribe John Harwood, a federal
official and attempting to stop the construction of a rival casino.

Potter and Bucci were accused of offering Harwood $4m (£2.3m) to increase the
number of slot machines at Wembley’s Rhode Island casino and stop the
construction of the Narragansett Indian casino.

Bucci was sentenced to three years and five months for his part in the
conspiracy, and Potter’s plea for leniency was ignored as he was sentenced for
three years.

Potter and Bucci are due to start their sentences on November 25 and were
fined $75,000 each. Lincoln Park itself was fined $1.5m and was sold in July
along with the rest of Wembley’s US business to BLB Investors, a consortium.

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