Revenue expects improved SA numbers

Latest figures from the Revenue, found 6.9 million from a total of almost 9.2 million returns had been received.

However, the number is expected to top the eight million mark before the deadline. Last year, some 900,000 returns were not returned on time. A spokesman for the Revenue, said: ‘We are happy with the number of returns received so far. This year we issued more returns and are expecting to receive more on time.’

However, the Revenue could face scrutiny over e-filing, as approximately only 60,000 returns have so far been filed this way – double the total for last year.

The Revenue’s self-assessment advertising campaign starring Mrs Doyle, began in July, as exclusively revealed by Accountancy Age. She replaced Hector, the bowler hat-clad tax inspector, who had been in service for five years. Before Christmas St John’s House, the Revenue’s 19-story tower block in Bootle also went the way of Hector. It was demolished in a controlled explosion.

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