Investors hit by share price confusion

The research uncovered wide variations in the twelve month share price high-lows of ten major companies in 16 different information sources, including The Financial Times Group, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

It used Datastream, a financial information site with a money-back guarantee on its information, as a benchmark. The magazine gathered its information on 25 February, comparing share prices of the FTSE-100 stocks, which included Lloyds TSB, 3i, Powergen, ICI and Cadbury Schweppes.

It found that 27% of the data gathered differed from the benchmark by more than 5%, while 17% varies by over 10%.

This excludes minor fluctuations explained by the manner in which prices are displayed, such as rounding a share price of 502.5p to its nearest full number, providing a one-penny variation.

The websites were also ranked according to their variance with Datastream, with the closest to the benchmark being, which displays a difference of 0.3%. The worst-ranking,, varies 28.8% with the benchmark.


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