Taking Stock – Cheese-cutter fails to cut the mustard.

Arthur Andersen may have changed its dress code but no mention was made of hats. In fact, head wear presents a minefield for any firm trying to lay down the law on cranial clothing. Tony Bennewith, a member of the South Eastern Society of Chartered Accountants, has evidence. In his youth, Tony worked at a rather conservative London firm which suddenly issued a Papal Bull-like ruling that all manager-types were ‘to wear a hat in future’. Young, and clearly not of establishment bent, Tony returned to work wearing his Andy Capp-style ‘cheese-cutter’ and, unabashed by his millinery simplicity, strode past the senior partner’s window. Obviously his choice did more than turn heads, for the notice to wear hats was withdrawn and the subject never mentioned again. Ever thought of taking the cheese-cutter to Ascot on ladies day, Tony?

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