Nearly one in ten companies report bug related problems, according to official figures

The poll of 1,144 companies found that 1,070 respondents suffered no adverse effect. However, 74 companies – or 7% – said their activities had been negatively affected since January 1.

The main factors quoted by those companies affected adversely were: in-house computers, 5%; increased wage demands, 1%; and other factors 1%.

The most frequent explanations given in the ‘other factor’ category related to low customer demand or longer than normal holidays. Some companies citedmore than one reason.

The largest negative effect, with 27% negatively affected, was in the retail trade. In terms of company size, the smallest negative impact was on companies with fewer than ten in employment, with 4% reporting an adverse effect.

Five companies, representing less than 1% of the sample in terms of employment, reported they had laid off staff as a result of millennium date change problems. Special: The bug bites back?Office for National Statistics

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