CFOs take dim view of marketers

Said to be the key driver of business, the role of senior marketers is being
undervalued in the company boardroom, according to a newly released

The study found 33% of chief financial officers (CFO) disagreed that
‘marketing is crucial to the process of determining strategy’.

Malcolm Wilkinson, Deloitte head of marketing effectiveness, said that, while
81% of chief executive officers (CEO) regarded marketing as a key driver of
growth, there appeared to be a lack of appreciation for marketing’s role in
influencing and delivering corporate growth, leading to fundamentally different
views at board level which resulted in a critical boardroom ‘disconnect’
presenting a major challenge to corporate growth.

‘Confusion reigns between the role of the marketing department and the
practice of marketing in its broadest sense,’ he said. ‘Only 50% of CMOs believe
that their CEO fully appreciates the value of marketing.’

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