Taking Stock – PKFAA? AAPKF? Oh, PAKAFF.

Escalating London rents and an acute shortage of office space in the City could soon be causing unwanted homelessness headaches for PKF, the UK’s eighth largest accountancy firm.

The firm’s current site set back from the general chaos of High Holborn is located in the rather relaxed Hatton Gardens and enjoys the luxury of a garden with ululating water features and resident heron to boot.

Working there is some kind of paradise, as any PKF employee will tell you.

But with little chance of the lease being renewed, the fate of the PKF offices might soon crumble before the managing partners’ eyes. Yet fret not PKF, TS may have the answer.

Following the acrimonious split between Arthur Andersen and Accenture – formerly Andersen Consulting – the latter will soon be kicked out of its offices – note the beautiful HQ above.The funds from sub-letting could go part of the way to aiding the loss of the firm’s consultancy arm. PKF and AA in the same building? The acronym possibilities are boundless.

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