Big Four silent on millionaire club

Links: Rake becomes highest paid British accountant and Profits up but revenues down at KPMG

KPMG’s results on Monday revealed Mike Rake earns £2.4m a year in his two posts as UK senior partner and KPMG international chairman.

It is known that that there at least two other millionaire accountants: Kieran Poynter, managing partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Nick Land, UK chairman of Ernst & Young.

It is believed that the pay of Deloitte senior partner John Connolly will also top one million, but the firm is yet to reveal its results. It is not known whether Connolly’s salary will be included. However, the scale of Rake?s remuneration this week led to speculation that many more partners in the Big Four must make more than a million a year.

PwC said the only information available was the managing partner?s pay, while KPMG said a breakdown was not made public. Deloitte said it would not disclose pay levels, while Ernst & Young said it was not obliged to reveal figures.

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