EU moves to speed up carousel fraud detection

has paved the way for EU countries to speed up the exchange of
information, following the introduction of several measures designed to crack
down on sales tax frauds more quickly.

EC proposed the additional measures yesterday to fight carousel fraud, where
high-value goods such as mobile phones are imported free of VAT from other EU
countries and then sold with VAT charged, while the seller pockets the VAT

‘The measures being proposed…are the first step towards a more effective
fight against VAT fraud’,’ Laszlo Kovacs, EU tax and customs commissioner, said.
‘Their advantages are that they can be implemented very quickly and do not
impose any significant administrative burdens on economic operators.’

Under the current intra-community transaction system, it takes between three
and six months to exchange information about the transaction. The new proposal
reduces this period to between one and two months.

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