Long hours are the norm.

The latest Accountancy Age careers survey, produced in conjunction with recruitment specialist Nigel Lynn Associates, revealed the majority of accountants now work longer than recommended by Europe’s Working Time Directive. Two thirds of accountants are working more than 40 hours a week with their sense of responsibility, the need to get the job done and job satisfaction driving them to work longer hours. Accompanying rewards to the 40-hour week continued to appeal to respondents to this year’s survey. Three quarters of those surveyed said they felt appreciated for their efforts within their organisations. Salary was also a major factor in levels of satisfaction. But accountants seem happy to put in longer hours. The majority of those surveyed did not mind working more than 40 hours a week and were happy with salary, benefits and personal recognition. Catherine Rackliffe, managing director of Nigel Lynn Associates, said: ‘Companies which recognise the value of their employees balancing work demands with home life will inevitably reap the rewards of having a workforce which is driven by long-term motivating factors and not by short-term trends.’ More on careers: CAREERS FOCUS FDs want to retire early, page 3 Accountant millionaires, page 4 Leader, page 18 Careers survey, page 20 Valley of dreams, page 22.

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