Institues – CIPFA ‘regrets’ exam error

The chairman of CIPFA’s examinations board said this week he ‘regretted’ an exam error which led to protests from students and senior members of the institute.

John Watley sought to reassure students that the mistake in December’s P1 ‘Information Management and Control’ paper would not harm their chances.

The error prompted a public rebuke from Southampton Business School’s deputy dean, professor Gerald Vinten, a CIPFA member.

‘CIPFA regrets the one error in its 48 examination professional accountancy papers published in 1998,’ Watley said. ‘That is one error too many, in my view.’

He added: ‘P1 students have been kept informed by CIPFA, at this sensitive time, of the proposed treatment, and that independent investigations and a through audit of systems is being carried out.

‘Each student’s performance has been thoroughly reviewed on an individual basis and appropriate and consistent results determined, taking account of the error.’

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