E-filing surge for Revenue

Link: Taxpayers get more time to file online

The most recent figure put to Accountancy Age by the Revenue said 6.5 million forms had been filed.

A spokesman for the Revenue also said that of these, 250,000 tax returns were filed online. This is more than twice the 70,000 forms filed electronically last year.

The increase will surprise many given the embarrassment generated last year by people being able to read their fellow taxpayers’ details when they attempted to file online.

Last year also saw the Revenue’s website fail to cope with the number of online filings just two weeks before the self-assessment deadline.

But according to the spokesman, everything was running smoothly this week. He said: ‘We are very happy with the results.’

And, because the deadline is on a Friday this year, the Revenue is working overtime and has extended opening times from 8am to 8pm. ‘We will also be open on a Saturday this year for the first time,’ added the spokesman.

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