‘Brown would make best FD’

Given a choice between Brown and shadow chancellors Michael Portillo of the Conservative Party and Matthew Taylor of the Liberal Democrats, 53% of more than 400 FDs polled in this week’s survey voted for the present chancellor.

Portillo received a meagre 14% of votes, while Matthew Taylor received just 3%, with many FDs apparently unaware of who the Liberal Democrat is.

Sanja Chandi, FD of the Diners Club International, said: ‘What Gordon Brown has done in the last few years has made sense. He looks at costs closely. He also looks like a FD.’

The chancellor’s favourite buzzword seems to have earned him points with many of those taking part in the survey.

‘He’s prudent. All good FDs are prudent,’ said Brian May, FD of Gilt Edged Diaries.

However many attributed his prudence to his genetic makeup. ‘Because he’s a Scotsman and mean with his money,’ said one finance director.

The news will add more credence to Labour’s attempts to woo support from business leaders as the party this week launched its business manifesto, which outlines plans to further strengthen competition and encourage investment.

Portillo received little endorsement for his treasury skills. One FD said: ‘I cannot stand the rest of them.’

The weak support for the Conservative politician will further help the prime minister Tony Blair’s pledge that Labour has replaced the Conservative Party as the party for business.


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