KPMG calls for tax breaks to get UK gyming

Link: Reebok gym in trouble

Research released today estimates that a staggering 30,000 deaths in the UK are caused by obesity each year.

And the National Audit Office believes failure to tackle obesity is costing the UK more than £2bn a year in lost productivity.

In the US the federal government is expected to make law the Workforce Health Improvement Programme Bill, which would let companies claim contributions to employees’ gym membership fees as income tax deductions.

In the UK, companies may so far only offer tax breaks to employees using in-house gyms.

Inez Anderson, tax partner at KPMG People Services, said: ‘A tax break such as this would significantly boost the well being of Britain’s workforce. Research has shown working days lost due to stress-related illnesses is a serious business issue. I would certainly applaud such a move in the UK.’

KPMG also believes the move could provide a boost to the UK’s flagging leisure and fitness club sector. Gym membership levels have flattened out in the past two years with London and the South East seeing usage levels fall.

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