Call for auditor general to take on housing associations rejected

A Cabinet Office response to proposals from the Commons PublicAdministration Committee said this was the responsibility of theHousing Corporation.

A minute replying to a wide-ranging report on proposals toimprove the oversight of quangos, warned: ‘Any extension of theC&AG’s powers to the Registered Social Landlords Sector wouldduplicate these functions, increase regulatory burdens andconfuse lines of accountability.’

The Cabinet Office sidestepped another proposal from thecommittee supporting the PAC’s call to give Sir John Bournresponsibility for auditing all Non-Departmental Public Bodies.

The Select Committee on Public Administration said this ‘seemsto us to be a useful contribution to the aim of drawing togetherand simplifying the system of accountability for public bodiesas a whole.’

The Cabinet Office said Chief Secretary Andrew Smithhad ‘already indicated that he was willing to consider theissue as part of a wider ongoing dialogue with the PAC onmatters relating to the audit of central governmentactivities.’

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