BEEB DG should be ‘creative’

Link: Greater independence called for at BBC

The BBC’s next director general should not come from a financial background, say financial directors.

With refreshing candour, two in three FDs argue that the Beeb should instead choose someone from a creative background, according to the latest Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Big Question survey.

Asked: ‘Would a director general with a financial qualification make a better job of being the BBC’s director general than someone with a “creative” background?’, 66% said no. Only 18% replied in the affirmative.

Among the 37% who answered ‘no, probably not’ was Simon Payne of Cellular Design Services. ‘There should be enough accountants already at the BBC to control the budgets. I think the chairman and the director general are very public positions, which need a creative flair,’ he said.

Among the ‘definitely not’ (29%), one respondent replied: ‘Entertainment by nature is a creative industry, although we like to think so, accountants are not good at everything.’

Only 10% said ‘yes, definitely’ to the question and another eight per cent said ‘yes, probably’. A further 16% remained neutral.

John Davies of Moore and Blatch said: ‘Look at the great accounting scandals and tell me “who says accountants are not creative?”‘

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