Protest not costing businesses – LCC

A spokesman for the LCC said the majority of any lost trade would be ‘made up over the next few days’ – in stark contrast to the £10m a day cost of the London tube strikes.The majority of any cost to companies will be produced by lost business, shop and office closures, additional security measures and protest preparation costs.Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the CBI, added: ‘There will be costs to business but in many cases people can work from home or catch up lost work over the next few days.’Once again the tourism trade – this time in London – will be affected. Tourists will not be shopping today and that will further compound their plight, following the foot and mouth outbreak in the countryside.’ The biggest expenditure was expected to be for the 6,000 police officers drafted in to deal with the protests, while Westminster council spent £50,000 on extra cleaning operations. Extra resources were also put on standby for the expected clear-up after the demonstration.

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