Met denies report shows £70m overspend

And the Capital’s police force said the majority of the extra spending had been spent on overtime. This was in part due to the massive police presence laid on for the May Day demonstrations earlier this year.

But doubts still hang over the Met’s internal financial controls.

A report from the chief internal auditor, who reports to the Treasurer of the Metropolitan Police Authority, said: ‘I can offer little assurance on the adequacy of internal control in the MPS. Although there is an increasing awareness of the need for adequate controls, there is an issue around the lack of accountability and acceptance of responsibility.’

This year the Met, which has the largest police budget in the country, switched from a cash accounting regime to an accrual system, and is currently restructuring its finance function.

It also said it was looking for an extra 21 finance staff and in the short term would be helped by its previous external auditor, KPMG. Last year KPMG produced a highly critical report on the Met’s internal controls.


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