Self assessment ‘failures’ inquiry underway

Link: NAO to review self assessment

The investigation is being undertaken by the National Audit Office, the independent public spending watchdog, and will aim to publish its report by Spring 2005.

It will examine the Inland Revenue’s practices and performance in receiving correct returns on time from those who should submit a return; how the Inland Revenue identifies people who should have submitted a return but have not done so; and the degree to which complex processes and forms can be simplified.

Peter Horsman, national tax partner at Saffery Champness, commented: ‘The self-assessment procedures of a horrendously complex tax system places unprecedented demands on UK taxpayers. It is now the responsibility of the taxpayer to understand the tax treatment of all of their income and declare it correctly on their tax return. Even the tax rules applicable to those on low incomes are unacceptably complex.’

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