Germany to call for tax haven crackdown

Germany is to ask the European
to clamp down on tax havens including Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra
and Switzerland.

Finance minister Peer Steinbruck will use a meeting with his fellow ministers
to rally support for tougher rules, says
Financial Times
. Berlin estimates the cost of tax evasion at €30bn per year.
Prosecutors are currently investigating at least 600 holders of anonymous trusts
in Liechtenstein.

The German finance industry has been working on tough new rules that would
force tax havens to disclose the extent of the funds held by EU residents in
their banks.

It wants to extend the powers of the existing Savings Tax Directive to cover
not simply interest payments on cash savings but all returns on financial
assets, including dividend payments and capital gains, ensuring that tax is paid
in their owners’ countries of residence.

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