Campaign to lengthen tax deadline kicks-off

Link: Budget 2003: Lowest paid to get big increase

Peter Mitchell of the Small Practitioners Association said his group would lobby the government once it had finished warning its members of the issue. ‘There will be a lobby saying this is an unacceptable process. We need a two-year window to claim it as a benefit, or six months at the very least,’ he said. ‘It is causing an unreasonable amount of work for us.’

With callers jamming an Inland Revenue helpline seeking guidance, the Federation of Small Businesses said that it had already begun lobbying against the measure.

Neil Hamper, head of financial affairs at the FSB, said it takes at least six weeks for a small business eligible for the tax credits to get the material together to finalise its accounts, even before its accountants could complete them, making the three month period unpractical.

‘We are looking for an extension of at least six months,’ Hamper said.

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