Revenue staff on overtime strike

The Public and Commercial Services union has said about 60,000 Revenue staff will not work overtime despite the expected last-minute self-assessment rush.

Last year 900,000, of the nine million self-assessment returns issued, failed to be submitted by the deadline.

Les Priestly, PCS vice president and Revenue group president, said: ‘Inland Revenue staff are refusing to work the extra hours and days vital at this time of year because they fear for their jobs and futures.

‘They want to provide a better service but their department is not investing in training and local services leaving staff frustrated and angry.

‘Morale is at rock-bottom.’

The union has been attempting to negotiate a pay rise with the government, but in December the Revenue decided to impose its 2001 pay offer. The offer was rejected by the PCS because it ‘failed to remedy problems with workers’ progression through the pay grade system.’

Tax workers from the PCS have been on an overtime ban since November 2001.

The Inland Revenue was unavailable for comment.

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