Single tax base proposal welcomed by EU

European Commission proposals to establish a single basis of tax assessment
for companies operating in two or more European Union (EU) member states have
been welcomed by the European Parliament.

Adopting a report that it initiated which will influence the debate on the
commission’s October Communication (policy paper) on the subject, the parliament
agreed that there should be a ‘common consolidated corporate tax base at
European level for large companies’.

It also agreed an ‘experimental and considered introduction of the system of
home state taxation for small and medium-sized companies,’ that trade across EU
The parliament said: ‘This would be the best way of tackling the tax obstacles
hampering companies’ cross-border activities, which have a negative impact on
economic growth and corporate competitiveness in both the internal EU market and
the international market’.

MEPs said a comprehensive review could ‘remove barriers set up by different
national tax systems’, notably removing ‘problems of double taxation and tax

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