Golf – 1999 Masters tees off

Twin-brothers Don and Bill Sutherland almost set a date with destiny and sparked some sibling rivalry when they found themselves competing in this year’s Accountancy Age Masters, run in association with business finance specialist NMB-Heller.

With a well-deserved stableford score of 38 at the Slaley Hall course in Hexham, Bill achieved first place in very wet conditions. Water underfoot was so bad players joked they might take a drop shot in the middle of the fairway as their balls were often submerged.

The weather proved the main factor in many players’ downfalls. There was no bounce on the course and tee shots often finished short, contributing to poor scores from many otherwise excellent players.

Denying the final the added spice of sibling rivalry, Bill’s twin Don failed to make the cut at the second of last week’s finals at Mere Golf & Country Club with a score of 27.

In this North West Regional Final, the famous ‘Last Four’ holes are some of the most talked about in UK golf, and players were forced to overcome the course’s gruelling hazards. The 16th hole proved most challenging, with one golfer calling it a ‘nightmare’.

North West winner Stewart Robertson scored an impressive 39 points to take the trophy and win his place in the national final. ‘I am delighted to have won. I hope this competition becomes a national fixture on every golfing accountants’ calendar,’ he said.

The next set of regional finals will take place on 23 June at Nizels, Hildenborough; 30 June at Hertfordshire’s Brocket Hall; and 8 July at Warwickshire Golf Club. The South West final was due to take place yesterday at St Pierre Park in Chepstow.

The national final will take place on 28 and 29 September at the Forest of Arden Hotel & Country Club, home of the British Masters tournament.

 1st Overall           Bill Sutherland
 2nd Overall           Craig Fotheringham
 3rd Overall           Paul Williams       (14pts back 9)
 Qualifiers            David Hunter        (11pts back 9)
                       Dave Allison        (17pts back 9)
                       John Benson         (15pts back 9)
 Nearest pin           Craig Fotheringham
 Longest drive         Dave Allison
                       Handicap             Points scored
 Peter Green           14                              21
 Bob Elliott           8                               31
 Bill Sutherland       14                              38
 Paula Simpson         3                               23
 Craig Fotheringham    7                               35
 Dave Allison          4                               31
 Peter Broadley        18                              23
 Donald McLure         5                               30
 Brian Magnay          12                             N/R
 David Harbron         14                              24
 John Benson           12                              31
 Paul Williams         8                               32
 Peter Bradbury        14                              13
 David Hunter          18                              32
 Peter Brown           11                              24
 1st Overall           Stewart Robertson
 2nd Overall           Michael O'Hara
 3rd Overall           David Kimpton       (19pts back 9)
 Qualifiers            Ernest Thompson     (16pts back 9)
                       Chris Atrill        (14pts back 9)
                       Andrew Merrick
 Nearest pin           Neil Highfield
 Longest drive         David Madeley
 James Plumbely        11                              19
 Martin Rayner         17                              25
 Dale Thorpe           11                              30
 Donald George         10                              23
 James Ridings         11                              31
 David Kimpton         5                               34
 Ernest Thompson       11                              34
 David Madeley         8                               28
 Andrew Winstanley     12                              24
 Carl Cunnelly         11                              30
 Don Sutherland        18                              27
 Michael Roff          16                              25
 Ken Stafford          5                               28
 Chris Atrill          10                              34
 Brian Thomas          16                              20
 Stewart Robertson     12                              39
 Paul Hurst            14                              20
 Paul Fleming          7                               27
 Andrew Merrick        6                               33
 Lawrence Bayliss      16                              27
 Neil Highfield        11                              26
 Alan Hoe              21                              26
 Michael O'Hara        10                              35

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