Sir John Bourn in new expenses storm

nao office

Sir John Bourn’s expenses have been put back in the spotlight after the
National Audit Office released details of his latest claims.

The public sector spending watchdog released details of the NAO chief’s
outgoings for which he had claimed.

Breakdowns showed that Sir John’s most recent claims include £1,718.60 for
flights to Venice and £1,175.40 for flights to Lisbon for business trips on
which his wife, Lady Bourn, accompanied him.

His claim also includes £8,593.69 for a trip to San Francisco for the Global
Working Group of Auditors General in April, again accompanied by Lady Bourn.

He has also claimed a total of £1,651.56 for 11 business lunches and dinners.

In June, Sir John was cleared of any wrongdoing after a probe by the Public
Accounts Commission after amassing £336,000 in expenses over the course of three

However, the PAC did conclude that ‘a more transparent system’ was needed for
the NAO head’s expenses.

It suggested Sir John should be made subject to the same kind of rules that
apply to permanent secretaries in Whitehall.

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