ACCA explores Chinese exams.

A leading ACCA official in Hong Kong has revealed it ‘may explore’ the possibility of student exams being held in Chinese.

Although no formal decision has yet been made, it is clear the possibility has been discussed informally at senior level. At present, senior ACCA exams are only offered in English.

Richard Sun, PwC partner and ACCA’s Hong Kong chairman, said: ‘We may explore the idea of examining our main ACCA exam in Hong Kong in Chinese. We have a similar arrangement in place for lower level exams in Poland and Russia.’

Sun added more people might enrol for ACCA membership if the papers were to be taken in their local language. At the same time the Chinese government has declared a need for 600,000 new accountants in mainland China.

ACCA chief executive, Anthea Rose, added: ‘It has been agreed we can do this in principle if it was thought to be a good idea. But research shows examining in English is more appropriate for us at the moment.’

Problems with such a move include the ‘seven-figure’ cost of changing the exam.

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