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The Treasury argues that its move for new employment credits represents an extension of its working families tax credit system, rather than a replacement of it.

New figures suggest the administration costs of running the self-assessment system are increasing rather than declining.

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Among the new special reports on this week is a look at the world of WAP, the big fat mobile phones over which you can connect to the internet, which the IT world is claiming will shake-up the world of communication on the move even further.

The special report tells you all you need to know, questions how much use the new technology will be, and takes a peek even further into the future, for example looking at e-paper – a material as thin and portable as paper but which can be refreshed like a computer screen.

Another special report takes a detailed look at the IR35 rules which are now in force, exploring the practical implications for those previously self-employed contractors affected.

Also this week, features a round-table discussion involving top FDs from our sister publication, Financial Director magazine, about the perils and pitfalls of budgeting.

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