Threat to withdraw students from CIPFA follows row over training

Ian Perkin, financial director at St George’s Health Care NHA Trust, and a candidate for treasurer in institute elections, said that unless something is done to turn around what he describes as the ‘terminal decline’ of CIPFA, he will be compelled to move his students.

‘I will switch the whole thing to CIMA. It is unfair with the students if I continue to train with a body I disagree with,’ he said.

Perkin’s criticism of CIPFA has been caustic and he has even set up a website to promote his views.

He said: ‘It is disingenuous for CIPFA to suggest that CIPFA qualifications suit the private sector.’

Perkin claims CIPFA should stop promoting its qualifications as portable and begin marketing by ‘extolling’ the virtues of working in the public sector.

Perkin?s only opponent in his campaign to become treasurer is the incumbent Gren Folwell, deputy chief executive at Halifax Building Society.

Polls closed on Friday and as yet there are no results, and no indication from CIPFA when an announcement is likely to take place. Sources reveal however that Perkin received strong support for his ‘colourful’ manifesto.

Institutes – CIPFA calls ex-councillor back

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