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Getting around the world wide web can be a frustrating business.[QQ] Hundreds of millions of pages, masses of useless information and search engines that produce links to a Grant Thornton’s family in Alaska rather than the accountancy firm of the same name.

But’s Web Directory helps you short cut to the sites and information you need to work more efficiently. Containing hundreds of links divided into categories, the fully revised index contains useful links to government sites, tax information sources, institutes, accountancy firms and FTSE-100 companies.

Through hours of trawling the net, we identified new key sites and removed old links to produce an unrivalled service for finance professionals.

So next time you need a quick way to find information on any aspect of your job or the wider accounting and business world, use

– Improved Web Directory with hundreds of links

– Tools to help you, including new currency converter

– Jobs & training has latest vacancy and training news

– Top new stories reported as they break.

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