FDs ready to expose corrupt bosses.

Almost nine out of ten finance directors this week said they would definitely blow the whistle if their boss was hiding financial irregularities.

Their reasons varied, but in this week’s Accountancy Age/ Reed Personnel Big Question, survey, 88% of respondents said they would do so.

‘No questions about it, as it is my career on the line, too’, said Paula Norman, FD at Charter House. ‘Even if I got sacked I would blow the whistle,’ said another FD.

‘Yes, because I would be next in line for his job hopefully!’ said one respondent.

The successful outcome of an employment tribunal which last week found in favour of whistleblower, Antonio Fernandes, who worked for Netcom Consultants UK, may have influenced FDs.

Although 8% of those polled remained neutral, saying that it would depend on the extent of the financial irregularity, only 4% said they would not report an anomaly rating loyalty above ethics.

‘No, I believe in loyalty,’ said one anonymous finance director. ‘I would want to keep my job – so I would sort it out with my boss,’ said another.

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