Corporates scared off by avoidance

Tax directors at large corporates are reluctant to engage in tax avoidance
because of reputational risk and complexity.

The study, ‘Large groups’ tax departments: factors that influence tax
management’, polled 37 tax directors at large corporates by HMRC.

The study found that overall companies were ‘more reluctant’ when it came to

‘This reluctance was prompted by, as they saw it, increasingly complex tax
rules, the prospect of future reversals, and the increasing risk-aversion of
managements as a result,’ the report said.

The study also found that most tax directors were not incentivised by
achieving low tax rates or structuring avoidance schemes, but by managing tax
efficiently and avoiding penalties or time-consuming scrutiny from tax

Other findings showed that companies with few shareholders tended to be more
aggressive in their tax policies than companies that had a broad shareholder

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