Livingstone faces budget battle

At a meeting on Wednesday, the Conservative and Labour Groups combined to vote for over £23m in cuts from the transport budget, which Livingstone says will threaten plans for transport improvements in the capital.

If approved by the assembly, the mayor’s budget could force London councils to raise council tax by an average of 73p per week.

Speaking after the discussions, which closed without agreement, Livingstone said he was disappointed that there was no broad consensus as there was a need for urgent extra funding.

‘I very much hope they will reconsider this short-sighted decision when the full consequences of what they propose is explained to them,’ he said.

But hinting that he may have to concede to the assembly, he said if efficiencies could be identified in his plans then the budget should be amended to incorporate them.

The assembly will vote on the budget on 15 February.


London Mayor’s website

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