Taking Stock – Ward and Hague box clever on colours.

Not to be outdone by the high-profile antics of the Tory party and its pre-manifesto document, Believing in Britain, the English ICA chose this week of the busy month to reveal its new economy model qualification. The keen eyed will notice both the institute and the party have chosen a lurid canary yellow against a corporate blue to brandish their news.

TS is unsure what this means, but could not help notice the Tory leader and ICA primo Graham Ward shared a red blooded and far from yellow reputation as hard men who could pack a punch in their Oxford student days.

Ward pulverised opposition as captain of the university boxing team, while Hague was revealed this week to have knocked out cold a medical student in revenge for the humiliation of being stripped naked at a wild undergraduate party.

Similarities stop there – with Ward’s legendary lunching prowess substantiated by colleagues, while ‘Billy the Fizz’ Hague’s claims to push back 14-pints of a teenage lunchtime unproven and unbelievable.

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