Clients believe consultants are crucial

Seventy percent of clients believe that management consultants are crucial in recommending suppliers, according to an NOP Research Group survey, commissioned by Management Consultancy. The survey, The Role and Influence of Consultants, was conducted among both consultants and clients across a range of disciplines and sectors.

For the most part consultants were instrumental in recommending IT-related products and services. Enterprise level application packages, PCs, workstations and operating systems topped the individual product categories most requested.

The NOP survey drew major conclusions concerning how much real responsibility is placed in the hands of the consultant.

Identification of need and identification of the potential solution along with implementation are the two key areas for consultants.

Consultants revealed that change management and BPR-associated functions remained their major source of income, while traditional areas such as long-term corporate strategy accounted for less than 25 percent. Clients involved in the research described projects totalling #30.8m involving a total consulting spend of #13.4m.

An executive summary of the research is provided on page 32. The full report can be purchased from Management Consultancy, priced #245. Contact Emma Ross on 0171 316 9554.

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