BT tells UK businesses to go broadband

BT has been holding summits to more companies to make the switch to broadband.

But BT’s head of business internet services Tony Harris said that companies need to take advantage of high-speed connections or lose competitiveness.

He is quoted by the BBC admitting that the initial rollout of broadband ‘hadn’t been a success.’

To help persuade the UK’s 1.2 million small businesses to get a broadband connection, BT has unveiled a series of initiatives.

These include a payment plan for satellite broadband which would enable small businesses or sole traders in remote connections to spread the cost of having satellite installed over two or three years.

BTopenworld also plans to donate £1m to community groups and selected businesses in deprived areas, offering access and equipment free of charge.

However analysts say that BT needed to push broadband it would need to improve the number of connections available to customers.

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