Taking Stock – Great idea, but there’s still an odd sock …

TS has caught wind of an accountant who has brought a whole new meaning to the expression ‘money laundering’ – after inventing an ingenious washing machine. Martin Myerscough has thought up a machine, which will stop in mid-cycle if a stray item has found its way into a wash. It will then separate the offending article without emptying out the water. His machine – called the ‘Titan’ – will be on sale in the autumn, but he is already celebrating after taking a #19m stake in his company Monotub, valued at #47m before a single machine has been sold. Electrical store Curry’s will stock the machine, which is expected to retail at #600. Suffolk-based Myerscough, revealed research and development has been a bit of a sud – he spent seven years and #750,000 developing the machine. He said: ‘The response has been positive and I’m delighted we have signed this exclusive agreement.’ The Titan has a removable drum plus separate and coloured baskets which can store the dirty washing before being installed in the machine. Claire Froomberg, FD of Monotub, said: ‘The idea is you use them as linen baskets, so your washing is automatically sorted. It’s very clever.’ We wonder whether a Titan mark II is likely and whether or not it will also iron and hang up clothing after the wash. One thing is for sure; this development will have rival manufacturers in a spin. ?:

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